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💲 For centuries it was considered taboo for a third-party to have financial stake in a lawsuit. Today, a new crop of firms are investing in lawsuits for profit.

@roywstrom gives a peek inside the practice of litigation finance. Watch the rest here 👉

Just heard @phish on the lead to commercial during the Super Bowl. Maybe they are next years halftime performance... #Free #SuperBowLIV

I’m giving away 3 pairs of tickets to the Red & White Wine Bistro for tomorrow’s 1PM Rockets/ Pelicans game! Buffet fine dining with view of the game. Must RT this and follow @TC_Chefs03 to enter. 3 winners chose tonight at 11 PM

Proud to support @judgekc Kyle Carter! We had a fantastic time at his reception this evening in the East End. Always great to see Judge @EWCforJP Eric William Carter and Eric Carter (dad). We love the Carter family!

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In 2020, voters will begin to cast their vote for the next judicial election. I would be honored to have your support and want to let you know of some opportunities to get involved with this campaign.